Ozzy Osbourne To Billy Bush: ‘Stop Acting Like A B*tch’

Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne has made one thing very clear — he will never stop defending his family.

While supporting and defending Giuliana Rancic, Billy Bush apparently crossed the line by calling out Kelly Osbourne. Ozzy did not hesitate to fire back at the Access Hollywood host on behalf of his daughter with a threat of his own, which he tweeted directly to Billy Bush.

“Billy Bush, stop acting like a b*tch. Act like a man. Lay off Kelly or we’ll be going to the hospital to get my foot out of your a*s. God Bless.”

Billy Bush later responded to Ozzy Osbourne’s comments on Twitter, but not directly to him. He actually found a clever way to address the online buzz about the dress debate along with an indirect way to address the Ozzy Osbourne tweet at the same time.

Billy Bush apparently tried to clear Giuliana Rancic’s name and restore her reputation with a five-minute segment, where he shared a lot of behind-the-scenes information about the controversial comments made on Fashion Police.

According to Us Weekly, Billy addressed the multiple reports claiming that the controversial segment was filmed numerous times — attempting to prove them wrong.

Bush even went as far as blaming the controversial comment about Zendaya’s hairstyle on an unnamed staff writer, claiming that it was never Giuliana’s idea to say that in the first place.

“That joke was a written joke. Which means there were a lot of people involved — and nobody saw racism.”

The same reports Billy Bush tried to debunk during his segment also claimed that Kelly Osbourne defended Zendaya on two different takes, reminding the Fashion Police cast that the 18-year-old actress was a friend of the show.

In his statement, Billy Bush basically threw Kelly Osbourne under the bus by saying that Kelly did the same to Giuliana.

“And the Kelly Osbourne part… that never occurred… How could it be good? Kelly Osbourne threw her under the bus, in my opinion.”

The comment referencing Kelly must have rubbed Ozzy Osbourne the wrong way because he likely would not have threatened Billy Bush on Twitter without it.

Before Billy Bush added his own opinions to the mix, it may have seemed as if everyone involved was moving forward. Giuliana Rancic apologized publicly for making the comment. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Zendaya posted a lengthy statement on Twitter accepting Giuliana’s apology and quoting Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Kelly Osbourne even chimed in during the aftermath with a tweet of her own, commending both Giuliana and Zendaya for how they handled the situation.

As of right now, Ozzy Osbourne has not said anything else about Billy Bush since the threatening tweet that he posted Thursday.

[Image Credit: Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images]