The Dress Debate Connects To The Backstreet Boys Beautifully

the dress

The dress.

Chances are that before Thursday, most people never expected that a colorful dress would break the Internet and cause so much debate. Perhaps the best part was that the dress had nothing to do with the person wearing it. The height of the slit, the plunge of the neckline and “Who wore it best?” were all conversations that did not exist online when it came to that colorful dress.

Why? Because, for once, the world was actually paying attention to the fashion instead of the person being clothed by it.

The dress debate exploded social media. It seemed to create a massive panic and major wave of confusion. There were so many different websites and media outlets that covered it in one way or another – including BuzzFeed, Mashable and the Inquisitr.

In addition to drawing a massive wave of attention to optical illusions, brain interpretations and even colorblindness, the dress debate seemed to cause people to focus on something seemingly unrelated – a boy band.

That’s right! Discussing the color combinations of the dress actually caused a lot of people to think about the Backstreet Boys and it’s all thanks to the cover of their 2000 album, Black and Blue.

The Dress Backstreet Boys

For nearly 15 years, fans and critics of the Backstreet Boys have known for that the name of their 2000 album was obvious – Black and Blue. However, deciding whether the dress was black and blue or white and gold has somehow generated a substantial amount of attention online for that particular album.

Thanks to the dress, quite a few people have felt compelled to listen to the Backstreet Boys album all over again.

Others simply found clever ways to poke fun at the undeniable connection between the dress and the Backstreet Boys.

There was even some wise business advice shared that perhaps the Backstreet Boys should take seriously.

No, the Backstreet Boys had nothing to do with the picture of the dress being released online. Perhaps they are regretting that, because releasing such a photo could have easily become an effective marketing tool for their group.

However, even though they may not have started the dress debate, the Backstreet Boys will clearly benefit one way or another from its aftermath.

[Image Credit: Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images and Backstreet Boys]