Jenelle Evans: Fiance Nathan Griffith Reportedly Completely “Living Off Of” Jenelle

Jenelle Evans relationship with Nathan Griffith has been quite tumultuous. While the Teen Mom 2 star tries to make things seem picture perfect on Twitter, the reality of their life together may be quite different, according to Radar Online. A source revealed to the site that the two “constantly fight.”

Of course, Teen Mom 2 fans know that Jenelle and Nathan do fight quite often. While they often make up soon after their fights, their battles can get out of control. In fact, back in 2013, the two had an altercation which resulted in the police being called. According to Myrtle Beach Online, Jenelle was arrested on December 15, 2013 after she and Nathan became involved in an argument. The two also reportedly fought on a recent trip to St. Thomas where Nathan proposed to Jenelle.

Jenelle Evans is a pretty headstrong individual and very outspoken, but the source claims that she is controlled by her fiancé.

“Nathan has her so controlled, it’s sickening. He’s a control freak. It’s crazy. He controls her life. He won’t even let some of her relatives see the new baby as much they want. They’re constantly fighting.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jenelle reportedly is attempting to get custody of her oldest son back from her mother, Barbara. However, things are not going well as Barbara has reportedly not been allowing Jenelle to even see Jace. Reportedly, one of the reasons that Barbara has been adamant about keeping Jace away from Jenelle and her fiancé is Nathan’s alleged drinking.

As for the relationship between Nathan and Jenelle, Nathan reportedly “loses his mind” over everything that Jenelle does, and he is also very jealous according to another source.

“He’s jealous, but HE’s the one talking to other girls and then he gets mad when Jenelle calls him out.”

In regards to talking to other girls, reports recently surfaced that Nathan was talking to VH1 star Stevie Ryan. Nathan reportedly revealed in a series of direct messages that he was leaving Jenelle. However, after the messages surfaced and Jenelle found out, things got strange, and Stevie believed that Jenelle started messaging her as Nathan. Ultimately, Nathan’s Twitter account disappeared.

Many fans of Teen Mom 2 have slammed Nathan for seemingly not contributing anything to the relationship and solely living off of MTV money. The source confirmed to Radar that Nathan “doesn’t contribute” anything.

“He is not doing anything to contribute to their lives and is totally just living off of Jenelle.”

Unfortunately, this is something that seems to happen to Jenelle often. She often finds herself in relationships that go downhill quickly, and that result in her being used. While she is making money from the MTV show, that won’t last forever. However, she is in school, attempting to earn a degree so that she can better her future.

However, the first source did point out that this relationship is just another in a vicious pattern for Jenelle Evans, saying, “That’s the type of relationship she goes for.”

[Image: via Instagram]