Will Phone Clocks Automatically Go Forward For Daylight Saving 2015?

Does Daylight Saving 2015 Automatically Happen With Technology?

Daylight Saving 2015 is nearly here. It will mean one less hour in bed, but it does mean more daylight and signifies summer is almost here for many people. However, there is one question that people have every single year. Do the clocks on phones and tablets spring forward for Daylight Saving?

The majority of technology will now change automatically. This is certainly the case for Windows computers and Apple products. Most Android phones and devices will also make the change without a user having to do anything. Decoded Science suggests that Apple users check their settings to make sure daylight saving time is observed in the settings. If it is not, then the phone will not change automatically.

Most phones and tablets have the ability to turn off observing the time change. There are some states that do not fall back or spring forward, including Arizona and Hawaii.

It is worth checking the date a phone was manufactured. Those created before the Energy Policy Act 2005 may change on the wrong dates. Those still running on Windows 95 and older will need to manually change the clock.

There are many debates over whether Daylight Saving time should be observed. The tradition dates back to when extra daylight in the morning was needed by those who worked on farms, but is now just confusing and annoying for some. The history is the reason some people do not want to see it disappear. According to the Boise Weekly, Mike Moyle is introducing a bill, so Idaho no longer observes the time change. That could mean other states will soon follow. As mentioned, some states already refuse to observe the change. It is a debate that has occurred around the world for a number of years.

Moyle argues that the change disrupts businesses and families. This is the same argument put forward by many others. The panel has agreed that the bill will be passed if there is a 4-2 majority, and will come into effect on July 1. Daylight saving 2015 will take place, but there will be no fall back in November.

Most technology will automatically make the change for individuals. However, there is still a number of devices around homes that will need to be changed manually. There are also some apps on phones that are not built with the daylight saving observance built into it. Clocks will spring forward on March 8 at 2 a.m. PST. Clocks go forward one hour for Daylight Saving 2015.

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