Ariel Camacho: Mexican ‘Narcocorridos’ Folk Singer Dies In Car Crash

Ariel Camacho, singer for the popular Mexican group Los Plebes del Rancho, has passed away. Camacho died in a car accident on February 25 on a highway near the Mexican state of Sinaloa. His death was confirmed by Justino Aguila, a spokesman for DEL Records. According to reports, two of the other three people in the vehicle with Camacho were also killed.

The fatal car accident happened while Camacho was returning from an appearance at the music festival Carnaval de Mocorito. He was recently on tour with his band, Los Plebes del Rancho, and promoting their new album, El Karma. It’s currently unknown what caused the accident or who was driving the vehicle when the tragedy took place.

Camacho is known for making what is called “narcocorridos,” a style of Mexican folk music that is mostly about the violent lives of drug traffickers. Aside from songs about gangsters and drug traffickers, Camacho is also known for his songs about the working class. He has referred to his music as “campirana,” or “songs for the farmers,” in the past.

Angel Del Villar, CEO and founder of DEL Records, released a statement following Camacho’s passing.

“My heart is broken by the loss of Ariel Camacho,” he said in the statement. “Ariel was like a son to me. I knew he was going to transform the genre in Mexico and the United States. Millions of people would have become fans and would have gotten to know the man I did. We send our condolences to the families of all those involved in the accident.”

Dozens of Mexican musicians expressed their condolences. These artists include Bob Vega, Luis Coronel, Karla Sierra, Gerardo Ortiz, and Fidel Rueda. Several people even came to his wake at Sinaloa armed with guitars to sing and pay tribute to Camacho’s memory. Alfredo Rios, also known as Ortiz and The Commander, is one of Camacho’s peers in what is called the “altered movement.” He expressed his condolences via Twitter.

Camacho was born in Guasabe, Sinaloa. His roots, as well as his upbringing, became one of the main reasons why he started writing narcocorridos. Sinaloa is considered home to Mexico’s most powerful drug cartel who took the state’s name as their own. His songs are considered real and raw, and his record label said that they depicted “the story of his fans — hard-working people from every walk of life.”

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