Another Duggar Wedding! Amy Duggar Is Ring Shopping With Dillon King, ‘We’re Both Committed’

The Next 19 Kids And Counting Star To Get Married Might Be Amy Duggar

The ever-expanding Duggar family, from the TLC series 19 Kids and Counting, may be welcoming a new member to the group very soon. Amy Duggar, known simply as Cousin Amy on the show, is speaking out about her engagement plans with her current boyfriend, Dillon King. Amy says the pair have been ring shopping together and that they are “both committed.”

Amy Duggar told Radar Online that she has been engagement ring shopping and is ready to take her relationship with Dillon King to the next level. In true Duggar fashion, the relationship is moving along swiftly. Radar claims that the pair have only been dating for three months, but are already looking for the perfect ring.

“Amy Duggar and her boyfriend of three months, Dillon King, are moving full speed ahead! The 19 Kids And Counting wild child, 28, exclusively tells that she and her new love are already shopping for engagement rings. ‘We’ve looked around, and he knows what I like… We’re both committed.'”

According to the International Business Times, Dillon King is a the owner of a printing firm while Amy Duggar is an aspiring country music singer. Though Amy has been looking at engagement rings with Dillon, she claims there is no set time frame for the engagement to take place and that when it happens it will still be a surprise as she is not involved in the actual engagement in any way. Well, aside from ring shopping it appears.

“There is no time frame. I have no idea when it’s happening. I don’t want to be involved in the actual engagement, so it’s going to be a huge surprise!”

The engagement would not come as a shock to many Duggar fans as Amy has not had a traditional Duggar “courting.” Instead, Amy opted for a more mainstream dating situation and has even posted photos of the happy couple kissing to Instagram. This would be a big no-no for Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s children. Amy also recently was by Dillon’s side after a head-on car accident put him in the hospital. Amy posted sweet updates of the two sharing time together throughout the ordeal, including a couple’s bible study in the hospital room.

Though another Duggar wedding seems to be in the near future, Amy notes that her relationship with Dillon is “raw and real.” Amy goes on to say that she can both “hate” and “love” Dillon at the same time, and is “grateful” he considers her “marriage material.”

What do you think? Will Dillon King pop the question to Amy Duggar soon? Will there be another Duggar wedding this year?