With Omarosa, Would You Expect Anything Else?

When you invite former Apprentice contestant Omarosa on your talk show, you should pretty much plan that her (controversial) personality will come shining through, right? I guess Wendy Williams (of talk show The Wendy Williams Show) got more than she expected when she referred to Omarosa as an “angry black woman” and got an earful in return.

Now that they’ve gotten opportunities to speak about their on-air blowout, Wendy claims that she was actually surprised at Omarosa’s ‘tude.

“I was more stunned. This is a grown woman who calls herself a business woman. I don’t have time for her reindeer games.”

Keep in mind that Omarosa’s book is called The Bitch Switch! Since she has reported booming book sales a day after the altercation, maybe Wendy has been treated to a boost in the ratings as well? Anyone who can call Omarosa “delusional” and sort of get away with it is all right in my book.

Image: Screen Grab Courtesy Fox