Divers Find Hotel 300 Ft. Deep In Lake Jocassee [VIDEO]


Divers have discovered an intact hotel buried 300 ft. deep in Lake Jocassee, a manmade water body in upstate South Carolina. The hotel was part of a neighborhood washed away by the water nearly four decades ago.

Now, all these years later, divers have located the hotel 300 ft. deep in the lake--and the woman who grew up as a child there has been able to finally revisit her memories.

"The hardest part is me is I can't take my children there," the woman, Debbie Fletcher, tells CNN. "It's one thing to lose your house, but to lose a part of your heart... it's really still hard."

Fletcher has been able to visit the hotel under the lake and even now has one of its light fixtures as a memory of her lost world.