Swastikas Display: Homeowner Calls It ‘Art,’ Others Call It ‘Disgusting’

A homeowner in the River Park neighborhood of Sacramento, California, has come under fire from his neighbors and officials for displaying swastikas outside of his home.

As of right now, the homeowner has not been identified, and he has not given his motive for creating the display. But he did tell News 10 that he considers his display of swastikas to be “art.” Others, including resident Jim Masi, seem to disagree.

“I think it’s horrific. I think there’s better ways to express your feelings about nationality or religion. This seems to be more hate than anything else. It’s sending a bad message for this neighborhood.”

On display at the person’s home are three separate flags, all of which bear swastikas, according to the Los Angeles Times. Two of them are mocking Israel’s flag by replacing the Star of David with a swastika. The other is mocking the American flag by removing the stars and substituting a swastika in its place.

But the person has more than just flags with swastikas on display. There’s also a mannequin with its hands up, covered in Christmas lights and wearing green clothing. One female neighbor, who remained nameless, said she’s confused by the whole thing.

“I don’t understand the art, if it’s art. Especially with the newest one he put out yesterday with the American flag and the swastika in place of the stars. That’s a weird one.”

Police were called to the home, but Sergeant Doug Morris said the homeowner can have the swastikas on display, since it is not breaking any actual law.

Senator Marty Block is one lawmaker who wants the homeowner to remove the display of swastikas.

“He may have the right to leave it up, but that certainly doesn’t make it right. It’s time to remove this disgusting display of racism from our community. It’s time to take it down.”

Assemblyman Marc Levine told the Sacramento Bee that he also thinks the display should be removed.

“The swastika should come down. The false equivalence of Nazism with Jews or even the state of Israel is unacceptable.”

While this man is aware of his display of swastikas, there have been instances where that wasn’t the case. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, flag collector Martin Baker decided to put up a new flag outside of his home in Barnby Dun, Doncaster. But what Baker didn’t know was that the flag he put up was that of the Waffen SS. Baker later apologized for displaying the flag.

Do you think the Sacramento man should take down his swastikas display?

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