Seth Rogen And James Franco Recreate John Lennon And Yoko Ono Cover, How Sweet

Seth Rogen and James Franco are at it again. The outrageous duo have parodied yet another cover for yet another publication of yet another famous couple. We last saw Rogen and Franco get creative in the hilarious parody of the Vogue Kim and Kanye cover.

Seth and James recreate the Kim and Kanye cover; image via Elite Daily

The superimposed Rogen head on Kardashian’s body is enough to make anyone shudder, but many surely thought the parodied version was slightly more tasteful for the Vogue front page than the real Kimye cover.

This time, Lennon and Yoko are the famed couple that Rogen and Franco have paid homage to. A single picture posted to Instagram in a pose that has a striking likeness to a memorable Rolling Stone cover, which John and Yoko were the subject of, has once again gotten the attention of the masses.

Seth Rogan and James Franco parody famed John and Yoko Rolling Stone cover; image via the Daily Mail

The positioning is spot on, yet Rogen’s surprisingly heavily tattooed body is a far cry from John’s ink-less skin on the original 1980 Rolling Stone cover.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono on the 1980 cover of Rolling Stone; image via the Daily Mail

The Daily Mail notes that Rogen had the ink photo-shopped by a talented artist and reminds that “It’s not the first time 32-year-old Rogen has been seen inked — his characters in The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Fanboys both had lots of tattoos, but on each occasion they were the work of wardrobe and make-up.”

The Interview co-stars sure know how to get a reaction, and what’s interesting is that they select celebrities to parody who are constantly looking for a media reaction as well. Although the majority of the pair’s tomfoolery results in harmless fun, most recently the two caused anger and uproar in the nation on which their movie, The Interview, focuses. The notorious Sony hacks and leaks reportedly were a result of Franco and Rogen’s mischievous and satirical plot that involved the killing of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

The original of the Rolling Stone parody snap of the two was first made public back in December, when Franco was doing the opening monologue on SNL and the image was flashed on the big screen — after which, reminds that Franco added “I know eventually they’re going to start leaking stuff about me, so before you hear it from someone else, I thought it would be better to hear it from me.”

Perhaps the parody to top them all, however, is the Kim and Kanye video recreation Franco and Rogen titled “Bound 3.”

James and Seth in the spoof of Kim and Kanye's Bound music video

[Feature image via ABC News]