Chelsea Handler Celebrates Turning 40 With Bared Breasts And Marijuana

Chelsea Handler isn’t going to let turning 40 slow her down. Handler seems to be embracing her age with gusto rather than by lamenting turning a year older. No one would expect anything less from the comedian. Chelsea celebrated by obtaining a California medical marijuana license and taking a topless photo with her BFF, 2 Broke Girls creator Whitney Cummings.

With a bare chested Handler hugging her in the photo, Cummings tweeted the pic with the caption “Happy birthday to the always elegant @ChelseaHandler. This is 40.”

In an interview with E! last year, Chelsea said rather than doing something big for her 39th birthday, she wanted to focus on planning something “crazy” for her 40th birthday.

“I don’t want to do anything this year. I want to save up. Next year for my 40th I’m going to rent an island or something crazy. I’m going to do something huge and have a big blowout—if I make it.”

While it isn’t apparent whether Chelsea ended up doing something “crazy” to celebrate this milestone, she did obtain a medical marijuana card in California in time for her birthday on February 25. She has been openly pro-marijuana. Handler once filmed a video smoking weed with Snoop Dogg and another time told Wiz Khalifa she “loves marijuana.” Chelsea shared the photo of her card on Twitter.

Handler hosted her late-night talk show on E! for seven years, signing off in 2014. In 2016, Handler will host a talk show on Netflix which will air three times a week, the first of its kind. She had opportunities to either star in a sitcom or host another late night show on one of the main networks.

So why did Chelsea choose to go with Netflix? In mid-February at the Code/Media conference, she explained her reasons behind the decision.

“Network TV is so limited… I don’t want to be plugged into something and do a job someone else did for 10 years. I want to create my own job.

“I don’t want someone who has no sense of humor or nothing in common with me to tell me what he thinks I should be doing.

“I don’t watch a sitcom and think, ‘That was funny.’ It’s lame. It’s all so lame.”

Chelsea Handler’s comedy special, Uganda Be Kidding Me, is currently streaming on Netflix.

[Image by Mark Davis/Getty Images]