Angry Girlfriend Has Her Lover Robbed At Gunpoint For Cheating On Her

An angry girlfriend, who wanted to get revenge on her boyfriend, arranged for him to be held up at gunpoint in order to teach him a lesson for his cheating ways with other women.

Twenty-two-year-old Sarah Matherly has been accused by police of arranging the shakedown of her lover, then-ex-boyfriend Daniel Szwadjer, who claims he was accosted at gunpoint in a Florida motel room.

Following their split, in a relationship which had been off and on, the woman allegedly arranged to meet the victim at the motel room, but when he got there, two men reportedly waited for him and physically assaulted him, asking for cash.

Szwajder told the police that at the time he was attacked by the two men, he was placed in a chokehold by one of them, who said to him, “You know what this is. Give me everything.”

When he was held at gunpoint by the second man, who also demanded cash, Szwajder said he handed over the $46 in cash he had on him, as well as a debit card, wallet, and gold chain.

In a phone call made later by Matherly to her ex, she reportedly said to him, “That’s what you get for cheating on me.”

Szwajer also said that he was threatened a second time by his ex-girlfriend, who said if he failed to come up with more cash she would, “send these guys over to your mom’s house.”

For her part, the angry girlfriend now faces charges of extortion and robbery with a firearm and is being held on a $7,500 bond.

Matherly’s attorneys told reporters that their client is innocent and knew nothing of the incident at the Florida motel.

It remains to be seen what punishment Matherly will receive when it comes to sentencing. What is for sure is that she will think twice before shaking an ex-lover down for cash simply because he cheated on her.