‘Unfortunate’? Louis Tomlinson Is OK Gay: New Rumors Website

One Direction fans that are obsessed with Louis Tomlinson have been watching closely to see if he will come out as gay. Recently, Louis Tomlinson allegedly did say he was gay… and that it was pretty unfortunate. Now that the suspicions about Louis Tomlinson are being re-evaluated by fans, a new website has evolved that puts together the pieces of evidence that he could be gay — and they call themselves the Larry Shippers.

What is a Larry Shipper? Specifically, they are One Direction fans that think that Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson should be in a relationship. An account of the Larry Shippers was published by Hollywood Life in 2013 that says they are not crazed suicidal One Direction fans — but they are a serious group focused on Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles united in a loving, long-term, romantic relationship.

Of course, now that Louis Tomlinson allegedly said he was gay, the Larry Shippers have new fuel to their fire. MTV reports that the Larry Shippers One Direction fans are the ones that have put together the Louis Tomlinson-focused LarryStylison.org. The website is comprised of a blog, forum, and a chat room with 1,045 registered members.

Did Louis Tomlinson actually say he was gay? The rumor began after a Vine video emerged around mid-February originating in Melbourne, Australia. According to Gossip Cop, Louis Tomlinson says that it is him in the video — but denies being gay. The actual statement, allegedly, is that he said day and not gay.

Gossip Cop’s account of the situation was that Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson were in a hotel talking about how someone had the same December 24 birthday as Louis Tomlinson — the unfortunate part being that your birthday is always screwed up when it occurs on Christmas Eve.

Naturally, Vine videos are known for cutting out timeline frames randomly, so who knows what was actually said?

Of course, no matter if the rumors are true or untrue, Larry Shippers are encouraging Louis Tomlinson to be gay if he wants to be — and want other people to accept that he may be gay. Not because they will win the bet that Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson might be able to be together if one of them is gay, but because supporting someone that is gay is the right thing to do.

A blog post on the LarryStylison webpage supports his decision to come out as gay to the public and states the following.

“This whole thing about Louis will just show who the REAL fans are. The ‘fans’ who are leaving the fandom, just becoz Louis has (finally) admitted that he is gay, well goodbye! Becoz we do not need you. A true fan doesn’t care what sexuality the boys are, the only thing that should matter is their happiness. If Louis is happy, then so be it.”

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