T-Shirt Hell: Back From the (Make Believe) Dead

Remember how the guys behind novelty shirt site T-Shirt Hell announced they were shutting down about a month ago? Yeah…apparently, they were just messing with us.

“Let’s call it my own personal stimulus package,” writes owner Sunshine Megatron. “In three weeks, I’ve done EXACTLY what is needed to stimulate any economy, and that is to get people to open their wallets. Not only did the last three weeks save jobs at T-Shirt Hell, they’ve opened up a whole new world to the people who had never bought our shirts until now.”

Megatron goes on to make it clear that he never even considered closing the site, and that the whole thing was just a publicity stunt to drum up sales.

“Just so I make this clear, I haven’t decided to keep T-Shirt Hell going because of the tens of thousands of supportive emails we received or because of the press and sales we generated over the last 3 weeks (nearly 100,000 shirts sold),” he says. “We were never…ever…leaving in the first place. Let’s just call it tough love.”

So much for all the heartfelt eulogies.