Slurpee Waves of Nantucket Hitting the Beach With A Frozen Fury

Matthew Silbernagel

The Slurpee Waves of Nantucket is the latest exploit to emerge from the North East's desperately cold winter. The stories emerging from the onslaught of brutally cold weather onlookers have grown accustom to typically entail stories of overly taxed power grids, or record lows across the U.S. eastern seaborne. However, as of late there has been a new development in this year's frosty winter that has caught the internet's attention - Slurpee Waves.

The term "Slurpee Waves" was first coined by Boston's WBZ-TV chief meteorologist Eric Fisher according to the Bostonian CBS affiliate. The trending images themselves were captured by an area photographer named Jonathan Nimfroh. Since posting his Slurpee Wave photographs on February 25, the internet has been all abuzz about this rare natural oddity.

Twitter seems to provide a decent example of the hype surrounding the these frigid waves.

In either case, the fact that Slurpee Waves are even occurring in the first places is testimony to the overall intensity of this winter. While some states along the U.S. East Coast have remained relatively untouched by such frigid weather, the majority of eastern states have certainly felt the icy touch of Jack Frost.

This prolonged exposure to the arctic-like temperatures sufficient to produce Slurpee Waves, have left many East-Coasters wondering when the chill will finally break. Brittany Thayer, a Vermont resident expressed her less than kind sentiments toward this uncanny winter weather to The Wall Street Journal when she stated.

"I think it's stupid... I'm ready for spring."

Perhaps in the next few week these understandably cold individuals will finally gain a reprieve from the icy tundra that is the U.S. East Coast. In the mean time however, those dealing with the wintery weather can take some enjoyment out of the strange and oddly beautiful occurrence of the Slurpee Waves.