Apple Watch To Be Launched Soon? Apple Sends Out Media Invites For March 9 Event

Apple has started to send out media invites to tech blogs around the world for an event scheduled for March 9. In typical Apple fashion, they remain tight-lipped about the actual product they plan to announce on that day. However, speculation is rife about the possibility of the focus being on the launch of the Apple Watch.

According to Techcrunch, the product that would be revealed on the day is most likely to be the Apple Watch – first seen back in September at the time of the twin iPhone announcements. The Apple event is scheduled to be held at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts starting 10 AM on Monday, March 9, reports The Verge.

Another thing that points towards the event being an Apple Watch centric one is the fact that it is being held on March 9, just a day after Daylight Saving Time begins. The invite itself has a tagline “Spring forward,” which is an obvious reference to time.

At the launch event, Apple is likely to announce pricing details for various Apple Watch models. We do currently know that the Apple Watch range will start at the $350 mark for the entry level aluminum-clad “Sport” model. There are other mid-range and luxury variants of the watch as well. Back in September, when the world saw first glimpses of the Apple Watch, company CEO Tim Cook had announced that the entire range of Apple Watch models would be on sale by April 2015. We are just one month away from that.

Meanwhile, the smartwatch space continues to swell with new entrants. Apple Watch will face fresh competition from several new players who arrived on the scene in the months after Apple first showed its line up of watches. The most recent entry is Pebble Time, which was recently in the news after it managed to raise over $ 1 million within minutes of its announcement on Kickstarter.

Apple Watch event invite

Apart from the official launch of the Apple Watch, there is speculation that the event on March 9 is also likely to showcase a revamped Macbook Air with a completely new design. Then, there is also talk about Apple revealing more about what it plans to do with Beat’s Music streaming service.

Nevertheless, this is all just speculation, and it is possible that the entire event might just be about the all-important Apple Watch. Do you plan to buy the new Apple Watch whenever it is launched?

[Image Via The Verge, Apple]