WWE News: WWE Offers Former TNA Wrestling Star Samoa Joe A WWE Contract

It was speculated for over a week now, but it appears that WWE has done what many thought they wouldn’t do. TNA Wrestling star Samoa Joe recently left the organization and has picked up a lot of Independent dates. It is unknown if he has any sort of no-compete clause with WWE involved or not, but WWE is apparently not waiting to find out.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE has offered Samoa Joe a WWE contract. Currently, few details exist about the deal. It is uncertain how much they are offering or the length of the contract. We also do not know if WWE would want him to work in WWE NXT or jump to the main roster. However, WWE Talent Relations head Triple H is a huge fan of Joe’s and has wanted him in WWE for some time.

The only issue he ran into was that Joe was always with TNA, so there was no way he could ever bring him in. WWE never truly gave an offer to former TNA stud AJ Styles, but that was due to Triple H not caring a ton about him. However, Samoa Joe is another case entirely. Many WWE Superstars love Joe’s work and feel he deserves to be with WWE.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Mick Foley, and WWE NXT star Finn Balor have all expressed love for Samoa Joe online and have touted him up as being awesome. We all know Joe is a great talent who has a history of fantastic matches. The interesting thing is that WWE has never offered a contract to a 35-year-old man who hasn’t been with WWE in the past outside of fluff matches.

Joe has worked with WWE in the past but only in enhancement matches. This was years ago as well, so they are far before he became the stud talent we know today.

Since Triple H is a fan, there was an assumption that WWE would send an offer Joe’s way. However, many speculated that they wouldn’t do so because of Joe’s age and impact put on his body. However, it seems that Triple H wants to use up Joe’s final wrestling years in WWE where he feels Joe belongs.

Samoa Joe is currently signed on to work with Ring of Honor for a while, so we may not see Joe in WWE until after WrestleMania season is over anyway. Joe is getting a lot of offers from Independent companies across the world, so he is not hurting for work right now. It comes down to whether Joe would want to work with WWE as a final dream job or if he is happy working the Indy scene for the remainder of his career. Many think he has a lot of years left in the tank, and he would be an excellent addition to WWE. Triple H thinks so as well, but we will have to see if Joe takes this deal up or not.

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