Zelda On Robin Williams’ Legacy: People Feel ‘Less Alone’

Zelda Williams, the daughter of late actor Robin Williams, has opened up about her father’s legacy.

In a recent interview with Kate Snow from the Today show, the 25-year-old actress had a chance to discuss her father’s legacy six months after his suicide.

“I think it was important for him for people to talk about important things. It meant a lot to him. He didn’t like people feeling like the things that were hard for them, they should go through alone. And I think that’s the big legacy for him… that he somehow had an enormous number of people in this world who felt that he made them feel a little less alone.”

Zelda also mentioned that she and her brothers are working to carry on that legacy on behalf of their deceased father. Us Weekly reports that Zelda is presenting the Noble Award to honor Robin Williams’ humanitarian work with the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Zelda also paid tribute to her father by having a hummingbird tattoo permanently inked on her hand. Zelda claims that a hummingbird was chosen due to its “fun and flighty and strange” behavior, something that the bird and her father apparently had in common.

Instead of seeking answers to the many questions surrounding her father’s suicide, Zelda Williams has decided to focus on celebrating and appreciating Robin’s life. In the interview with Kate Snow, Zelda mentions that there is “no point” in doing anything else, such as questioning or blaming others for his death.

“There’s no point questioning it and no point blaming anyone else for it, and there’s no point blaming yourself or the world or whatever the case may be, because it happened, so you have to continue to… live and manage.”

Zelda further expressed that people should remember her father however they want to remember him. She reflected on the memorable roles and characters that her father had a chance to play over the years, which have been used over the past six months as a way to honor and pay tribute to his memory.

More importantly, Zelda is happy with the memories that she has of her father and has chosen to cherish them. In her own words, Zelda is just happy that Robin Williams is being remembered, in general.

“The world keeps spinning, but that doesn’t mean he was never on it.”

As to her own life, Zelda Williams admits that she wants to have the fun and happy life that she once had in the past. She is working hard to allow herself to get it back.

[Image Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images]