Madge Takes A Spill At BRIT Awards, Carries On Like A Pro

You can see it coming long before it happens. Her fingers fumbling with the ties for just a beat too long as the moment nears for the backup dancer to pull the cape from off her shoulders with a flourish and... Madonna takes a spill in front of the live audience of the BRIT Awards 2015, tumbling down the stairs. Yes, it actually happened. A lesser being would have been frozen in horror, but Madge took the fall in her stride, rolled back to her feet, and carried on with her performance like the consummate professional she is.

When a celebrity takes a spill live on television, there are two camps of viewers; the supporters and the ridiculers. Twitter has been vibrantly abuzz with mostly the latter. To Madonna's critics, seeing footage of the 56-year old pop icon repeated in slow motion as she takes a spill live on stage is video gold. After all, it is not something the world has come to expect from the diva. For precisely that reason, Madge haters will cherish the moment for a long time to come.As the Inquisitr reported, watching perfectionist Madge (as the British dub her) as she takes a spill is somewhat shocking; a moment out of time. This shouldn't happen to her, you think, especially when she's surrounded by her peers. It's happened to other celebrities, certainly, including Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lawrence, but surely it shouldn't happen on a night that saw Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith take home two BRIT awards apiece, and Taylor Swift entertain with her signature dance moves both onstage and off as Yahoo! Celebrity reports. What cosmic mishap happened then, that saw to it that the woman of pop superstardom - the singer who brought to us "Like A Virgin" all those years ago - took a spill in front of thousands?Perhaps it is merely a costume fault or perhaps it is precisely because Madonna's hit song was so many years ago. As Yahoo! Celebrity reported also, only a week or so ago, the UK's BBC Radio 1 had to issue a denial that Madonna's music had been "banned" due to the star being "old and irrelevant".

Since the world watched her take a spill last night, some have insinuated that age might have caught up with the singer after all, while others were more sympathetic. Portland Press Herald reports that Madonna messaged her fans on Instagram afterwards, thanking those who had shown immediate support after seeing the star take a spill.

"My beautiful cape was tied too tight! But nothing can stop me and love really lifted me up! Thanks for your good wishes! I'm fine!"
Whatever the reason, hopefully neither Madge's body nor character were too badly bruised after taking a spill. Publicity-wise, she couldn't have asked for more coverage!

[Image courtesy of Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images]