New Filipina Barbie: Mutya Barbie Released By Mattel Represents Culture, Fashion [Photos]

A new Filipina Barbie has been released by Mattel. According to NBC News, Mutya Barbie is part of the company’s new Global Glamour Collection. Created by designer Carlyle Nuera, who called on inspiration from his culture, and from his own family to create the Barbie. The doll represents many things for Nuera, who has wanted to create a Barbie doll for many years.

“The name ‘Mutya’ means pearl or beauty or muse; it’s a girl’s name; and it is also used in the titles of beauty pageants in the Philippines. My mother, Ruby, was Miss Tacloban in 1976,” he said.

The new Filipina Barbie is simply beautiful, and represents so much when it comes to the nationality. Nuera is really proud of his creation, and it appears as though he really wanted to keep the doll as traditional as possible. According to ABS-CBN news, Nuera used the Kira face sculpt, gave his doll dark hair with a braid, and even added a subtle beauty mark under one of her eyes. Her outfit was also something to write home about. The details are simply amazing.

“Her organza overdress is a take on the terno, with the unmistakable butterfly sleeves. The organza’s print references textiles of the different tribes in the Philippines as well as the sun from the flag. The embroidery on the hem is inspired by the sampaguita, a jasmine flower that is the national flower of the Philippines.”

The new Filipina Barbie might be hard to come by. Only 4,400 dolls will be sold in the collection. They were released on Feb. 2. If you can get your hands on one, you’ll have to pay $100 to bring her home.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Mattel’s other new Barbie made waves on the internet this month. “Hello Barbie” is a doll that has the ability to record conversations. The doll also will respond to children, making it the first time that a Barbie has spoken in over 50 years. As Inquisitr points out, some people are praising Mattel for giving Barbie a voice, but others aren’t happy with the product at all. Why? Well because some parents don’t like the idea of a doll recording their child over a wi-fi connection.

[Photo courtesy of NBC Asian America / Twitter]