Teen Race Hate Gang Jailed For Beating Black Church Minister And His Family With Bats

Four teens who brutally beat a black church minister and his family with baseball bats, nail-studded fence panels, and a machete, have been sentenced to time behind bars for the racially-based attack.

At the time of the incident, which took place in Dovecote, UK, the teens told the minister that they were going to stab him and beat his sons.

The teens all admitted in court that they had perpetrated the racial attack, with the judge telling them that their hatred was “vile and inhumane.”

The judge added at sentencing, “You potentially have destroyed that belief that each and every one of us, certainly those right minded, hold. The word must go out that when racially aggravated offences are committed, severe punishment must and will follow. What each of you did and uttered was vile and abhorrent in the extreme and it was driven by racial hatred. On occasions man’s inhumanity to man, notwithstanding your tender age, knows no bounds.”

Having already been verbally abused by the four teens — Connor Killcourse, Jordan Jackson, Daniel Finnigan, and Kyle Jackson — the family were on their guard for fear of a physical attack.

One evening, the whole family passed by the youths at around 6 pm, and when they did, their car was reportedly pelted with stones.

At that point, the father exited his vehicle and pleaded with the boys not to abuse him and his family. The teens dispersed at that point, according to court records.

However, the gang had set up an ambush just around the corner and were armed with the aforementioned weapons.

After throwing rocks at the family and hitting the eldest son in the head with a nail attached to a fence panel, the youths ran off when they heard police sirens.

One of them shouted, “Leave these n******, we’ll come back and get them then.”

The teen race hate gang were sentenced to a total of nearly 25 years combined.