Iran Carries Out Staged Mock Attack On U.S. Aircraft Carrier In Warning To Obama

In a recent display of military might, Iran just carried out a staged mock attack on a U.S. aircraft carrier, in a stark warning to President Obama not mess with the Islamist-led Middle-Eastern country.

The staged attack also included some pretty intimidating drills, such as shooting down a drone and planting mines at sea.

The mock attack has been well timed by Iran, just weeks ahead of a deadline for them to comply with requirements regarding their current nuclear program.

The drill, which was obviously broadcast on national state TV, depicted Iran’s Revolutionary Guards carrying out exercises near to the strategically vital entrance of the Persian Gulf, in the Strait of Hormuz.

The Telegraph reported that Iranian armed forces “launched a speedboat attack on a giant model of a US aircraft carrier on Wednesday as the Revolutionary Guard staged military exercises in the Gulf.”

The report also noted that the drill may have been a mock one but is being perceived as posturing by many online commentators and political analysts.

Admiral Ali Fadavi, the naval commander of the Revolutionary Guard told state television, “American aircraft carriers are very big ammunition depots housing a lot of missiles, rockets, torpedoes and everything else.”

The naval commander added that, “For many long years we have been building, and sinking, destroyers, cruisers, and frigates like those of the Americans. In the diverse operations that we have carried out, we have even sunk a model of their vessels within 50 seconds.”

At the same time, Jafari also tried to rally support from other Muslim states in the region, saying, “We are sending all the Persian Gulf countries a message of the might of the Islamic Republic of Iran – a message of security and peace in the Persian Gulf region and the Strait of Hormuz. We have proven our brotherhood [with the countries of the region]. Our problem is with enemies who are not from region.”

[Image via Arab News.]