Russia Fears World War 3 An Excuse For U.S. To Take Over Ukraine, Others Call DAESH A Worse Threat [Poll]

Patrick Frye

If the United States gives Ukraine military aid, many Russians fear the act would ignite World War 3, according to a new poll undertaken by the Russian Public Opinion Study Center. Others fear the terrorist group DAESH, commonly known as ISIS or the Islamic State, may attempt to push the world into a new global war.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, experts are already predicting the recent battle in Debaltseve, Ukraine, may be the flashpoint for "total war," a prospect that may drag the United States and Russia into a larger conflict. Although the official deadline for the Ukraine Freedom Support Act has passed, last week President Obama delegated responsibility to Secretary of State John Kerry and the U.S. State Department in regards to implementing Congress' will.

The Russian Public Opinion Study Center polled 1,600 people in 132 populated localities in 46 regions in order to determine how the Russian people feel about the debate gripping the world. Around 42 percent of respondents believe that giving Ukraine lethal aid means the start of World War 3, but a good third of the population is undecided on what could happen. Another 18 percent believe the Ukraine war would simply escalate within the borders of the beleaguered country, while one percent predicts the destruction of Ukraine as a nation. The last scenario includes the belief that further deterioration of diplomatic relations between Russia, NATO, and the United States will occur, and the increase in Russia's nuclear weapons will lead to another arms race.

If the U.S. gives Ukraine military aid, 35 percent of the Russian people believe it's because America wants World War 3 and open hostilities. Six percent say the U.S. wants the Ukraine crisis to linger, while another five percent claim the U.S. is using the situation to weaken Russia. Four percent claim the U.S. intends to take over Ukraine and another three percent claim America is trying to take over the world. The remaining 28 percent were undecided in regards to the motives of the United States government.

In regards to what Vladimir Putin should do about the situation, 23 percent of the Russian people do not want the Kremlin to take any retaliatory action, although 14 percent believe Russia should openly back the separatists. Ten percent prefer that a diplomatic solution be reached via peace talks and negotiation, while eight percent suggest Russia should begin arming itself in preparation for World War 3.

Some feel that World War 3 has unofficially begun already, although in this case the perpetrators are the DAESH terrorist group. In order to create an Islamic state, DAESH has been rapidly recruiting and has even taken over sections of nations. Seized oil fields provide a steady income stream by which they wage war, and some experts believe ISIS wants WW3.

"I think the mission of the enemy is to precipitate World War III," says Frank Gaffney from the Center for Security policy according to NBC25. "The path we're on at the moment unfortunately, I think, suggests they're more likely to achieve their goal than we will be in preventing them from spreading a global wide conflagration."

Other experts still believe Russia and the Ukraine crisis will be the flashpoint for World War 3, although an unnamed former CIA agents claims the best thing America can do to avoid WW3 is to remove American and western forces from all Muslim nations since "they just aren't compatible."