February 25, 2015
Lead Detective In JonBenet Ramsey Case Points To Killer, Admits Fault During AMA Session On Reddit

The lead detective in the JonBenet Ramsey murder case spoke out about the unsolved murder mystery in an "Ask Me Anything" reddit session. However, detective Mark Beckner says he was not aware he was speaking on a public forum and regrets his candid comments such as his belief that Jon Benet Ramsey's killer will never be caught due to the botched handling of the crime scene by investigators.

Mark Beckner led the investigation into the JonBenet Ramsey murder. He recently took part in a reddit "Ask Me Anything" session, in which he candidly answered questions about the unsolved murder. A number of questions were asked in the forum and Beckner left the community stunned by his complete honesty regarding the failures by police and a statement that he didn't think anyone would every be convicted for the murder.

Mark Beckner sat down for the reddit question session thinking he was partaking in a private forum for those interesting in unsolved murder cases. He claims he was not aware the forum was public and regrets his "naivete" for believing the Q&A would remain private. Therefore, shortly following the discussion, after providing some very interesting insight into the JonBenet case, Beckner went in and deleted all of his comments. However, thanks to the Denver Post, you can read the full reddit Q&A session here as it was screen grabbed before Beckner deleted his comments.

There are some interesting facts that were highlighted by the veteran officer during the discussion. Beckner seems to dismiss the intruder theory by noting that the police never found a point of entry into the home. He claims that the cobwebs and dust were undisturbed in the basement entryway and that there were not footprints found in the snow or frost outside. The only hand and fingerprints found on JonBenet's bedroom door belonged to Patsy and John Ramsey. Beckner goes on to say he does "not believe anyone will ever be convicted in the Ramsey case" after noting that he thinks the only conviction could come from a verifiable confession.

There are numerous times in the Q&A that Beckner hints that a family member, particularly Patsy Ramsey, was the likely suspect. The statement that a killer will likely never be found after stating a confession would be needed helps support this theory, as Patsy Ramsey has since passed away. Therefore, she would be unable to confess, and a killer would never be found.

Beckner openly discusses the handwriting similarities between Patsy Ramsey and the "ransom" note. He also says that a two-and-a-half page ransom note was unique and showed the killer was in no rush to exit the home.

"The killer also took the time to find a pad and sharpie pen, write a 2.5 page ransom note, fashion a garrote and choke her with it, then wrap her in a blanket with one of her favorite nightgowns and place her in a storage room in the basement. He/she/they then neatly put the pad and pen away and escaped without leaving much evidence."
Beckner also notes that the only fingerprints on the notepad belonged to Patsy Ramsey and investigators who had also touched the pad. Beckner claims there was also a history of sexual abuse against JonBenet that occurred prior to the night of her death.

Following the highly publicized answers from the reddit conversation, Beckner made one final post before deleting his account altogether.

"This will be my last post, but after reading some of the follow-up posts, I believe there may have been some misinterpretation of some of my comments or "reading between the lines". I want to emphasize that I do not fully know what happened that night or who killed JonBenet, as some have surmised. If anyone did, this would not be a mystery."
Did Mark Beckner provide any insight about the JonBenet Ramsey murder case that changes your perspective of the murder or highly publicized intruder theory?