February 25, 2015
Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez: Bennifer Back Together On Oscar Night, Did They Share A Flirty Moment?

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez -- best known together as Bennifer -- were back together on Oscar night, even if it was only for a couple of minutes. According to Mail Online, the former lovers had a moment together at the 87th Academy Awards in Hollywood on Sunday night. The two actors, who reportedly haven't spoken much since their split back in 2004, weren't on the worst of terms over the past decade, but hearing that they shared a little flirty moment is sort of sweet.

"The 42-year-old actor 'whispered in her ear' and then the 45-year-old 'Boy Next Door' star playfully 'swatted his arm,' a source said."
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez both attended the Oscars stag. Jen wasn't accompanied by her off-again beau, Casper Smart, and Ben didn't have his wife, Jennifer Garner, on his arm. While some might immediately think that this is why the two "reconnected," that's probably not the case at all. Whatever Ben said that got such a reaction from his ex-fiancée would have likely been the same even if his wife was present (unless, of course, it was a comment about Jennifer's dress or overall appearance -- smoke show).

It has been over 10 years since Ben and Jen split -- clearly everyone is over that at this point, right?

Affleck and Lopez are still asked about their relationship from time to time, even though it ended forever ago. According to Us Weekly, Affleck spoke out about where he and JLo stand when questioned about the current status of their relationship back in 2012. Interestingly enough, the two have always spoken highly of one another.
"We don't have the kind of relationship where she relies on me for advice, but we do have the kind of relationship where there'll be an email saying, 'Oh, your movie looks great. I remember when she got American Idol. I said: 'This was really smart. Good luck.' I touch base. I respect her. I like her. She's put up with some stuff that was unfair in her life, and I'm really pleased to see her successful."
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez aren't necessarily old news. In fact, the two were mentioned in the same sentence last month when Lopez was asked if she saw Gone Girl. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jen admitted that she really loved Ben when the two were together -- and she also said she enjoyed his full frontal in the film.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]