Paul McCartney Wins 2015 ‘Pollstar’ Award

More than half a century after Paul McCartney became an international sensation, he continues to top the charts through collaboration with the industry’s best talent, like Kanye West and Rihanna, further boosting his notable career. At Pollstar‘s Concert Industry Awards, Paul McCartney turned heads again as he took home the award for “Major Tour of the Year.”

Still rocking months before his 73rd birthday, Paul McCartney is no stranger to the spotlight. At this year’s Grammy Awards, McCartney appeared alongside Kanye and Rihanna for a live performance of “FourFiveSeconds.” Managing to emerge in the top 40 once again, McCartney doesn’t appear to be slowing down for retirement.

As the Inquisitr recently reported, McCartney’s collaboration with West and Rihanna isn’t the first to turn heads. Earlier in 2015, Paul was featured in Kanye West’s “Only One” and teamed up with Lady Gaga, who initially hung up on McCartney believing his request to collaborate was a prank. Paul’s eagerness to stay relevant in the current musical landscape is admirable, and the entertainment community is taking note.

Making live appearances each year since 1998, it seems as though Paul McCartney is a dedicated workaholic with a penchant for staying active. Following his 2008 divorce from former wife Heather Mills, Paul has traveled the world playing music, seemingly unaffected by the loss of nearly $50 million in the separation agreement.

Following his Grammy performance, Paul appeared on SNL 40 singing “Maybe I’m Amazed” before Miley Cyrus sang “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover,” Rolling Stone reported. Despite the age difference between McCartney and today’s top pop stars, he’s more than willing to cross generational lines to match musical talents with a fellow creative.

The publicity enjoyed by the famous Beatle couldn’t come at a better time; Paul is gearing up for his 2015 tour, which will include stops in Tokyo, Osaka, and Seoul in April. While tour dates for the latter half of 2015 have not yet been released, McCartney usually reserves the end of the year for music festival and charity event appearances.

In 2014, Paul spent most of the year finishing his “Out There” tour, which lasted more than a year and earned him recent acclaim at the 2015 Pollstar Concert Industry Awards. The previous year, he performed memorable sets at the iHeartRadio Music Festival, the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts, and impromptu concerts around the world.

In addition to Paul McCartney, performers who received awards at this year’s Pollstar ceremony included Katy Perry, Sam Smith, and Dave Chappelle.