Samantha Green Was ‘Traumatized’ Before Her Baby’s Body Was Found

The mother of a missing infant was reportedly traumatized when she showed up without the child after she, too, had been missing. Samantha Green, 23, vanished on Monday morning with her two-week-old son, Justice Rees, but turned up on Tuesday safely, which led to a high profile search for her baby. The brief search ended on Wednesday morning when his body was found in a thicket near a shallow waterway. Pix 11 News reports that more details are being clarified in this case.

Samantha Green was reportedly disheveled, distressed, and disoriented when she resurfaced. Authorities have confirmed that she has not been forthcoming with information about what happened to her and baby Justice, but they are being careful not to call this a homicide just yet. Yolo County Sheriff’s Capt. Larry Cecchettini spoke to the media giving what information he was able to give, currently, about the case.

“She was extremely traumatized when she was found and she’s only given limited information at this point. Investigators are with her and still talking to her. It was difficult getting information from her.”

The body of two-week-old Justice Rees was located in an area not far from where Green reportedly resurfaced after the two had been missing since Monday morning. The Sacramento Bee has reported more details about the circumstances that surround this case. Samantha turned up in the backyard of a random homeowner in the area near the Ridge Cut Slough. The woman was wet and shaken-up, and was crying. She reportedly claimed that she had a baby but didn’t know where he was. This is what sparked the intense search for baby Justice that persisted throughout Tuesday night into the morning — until his body was found.

His cause of death is not yet known, and an autopsy has not yet been scheduled. For the time being, the loved ones of the deceased infant and his distressed young mother are doing what they can to keep it together. Justice Rees is being remembered as a happy baby and a lovable little child who brought smiles and cheer into the lives of everyone who knew him for the brief two weeks that he lived.

As for Samantha Green, she had been detained but has reportedly been cooperative with police over the course of this case. Since foul play is not yet officially believed to be a factor at this time, Samantha is being treated as a grieving mother.

[Photo: Pix 11 News]