February 25, 2015
Will Patton: 'Titans' Actor Arrested In South Carolina For DUI

Actor Will Patton was arrested on Tuesday night shortly after being pulled over in South Carolina.

TMZ reports that the Remember the Titans actor was arrested for driving under the influence in Isle of Palms. Patton was later released from custody on a $997 bond.

Will Patton is perhaps most known for his performance in the popular sports drama, Remember the Titans. Patton portrayed the role of Coach Bill Yoast alongside Oscar-winning actor Denzel Washington.

The 2000 Boaz Yakin-directed film also featured performances from actors and actresses such as Donald Faison, Kate Bosworth, Nicole Ari Parker, and a 10-year-old Hayden Panettiere.

Remember the Titans focused on the true story of Herman Boone, an African-American football coach that led the desegregated football team of T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria, Virginia, to victory in 1971.

Will Patton has been acting professionally since the early 1980s. However, many of his most memorable roles were featured in such 90s films as The Client, Inventing the Abbotts, Armageddon, and Entrapment. Patton also starred alongside Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie in the 2000 film Gone in 60 Seconds.

Throughout his career, it seems as if Will Patton has become more comfortable with accepting supporting roles instead of leading roles in movies. In a September, 2013, interview with Destination magazine, Patton had a chance to explain his preference for character roles instead of leading parts.

"I sort of prefer coming at it from another angle... It's that everyone seems like a member of a club that I automatically rebel against, and I like the people who have a little danger and mystery about them. I don't know why I've always been drawn [to that]. Maybe because coming up, when I was a kid, that was sort of my life. I relate to those who feel a little on the outside, I think."
During the same interview, Patton had a chance to open up about his private lifestyle and how he manages to mostly stay out of the public eye of mainstream Hollywood.
"Well, I don't live in California... New York's where I made my stamp, so it's a little easier to avoid that kind of thing. And, well, you don't see that many interviews with me and I think I'm not that great at smoke and mirrors... If I'm going to talk to someone, I would like to be open and you can't do that if you just are all over the place in that [Hollywood] way."
On the big-screen, Patton was featured in the 2014 film November Man, starring Pierce Brosnan. On the small screen, Will starred alongside actor Noah Wyle on the Steven Spielberg-produced science fiction series, Falling Skies.

[Image Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]