February 25, 2015
'Bastard Executioner' Spoilers: Stephen Moyer, Sam Spruell In Key Roles, Newcomer Lee Jones In Lead

Sons of Anarchy fans have been dying for The Bastard Executioner spoilers, and finally there are some big reveals about what lies ahead. Kurt Sutter has been working on developing this new show since SOA ended, but until now little was known about how it was all coming together in terms of the cast. However, details are emerging and fans are definitely getting excited.

It was already known that Kurt's wife and former Sons of Anarchy star, Katey Sagal, would be involved in the new show in some way. Now, Deadline shares Bastard Executioner spoilers that Katey and Kurt will be together in front of the camera as a pair now, as well. He will play a character who is mute and it seems he'll be the guardian of Katey's character.

People have been buzzing over who would take the lead roles in the show, and now the decisions have been revealed. Stephen Moyer, from True Blood, will play one of the key characters. Sam Spruell, who has been in The Hurt Locker and Snow White and the Huntsman, also takes on a key role. SOA fans will be thrilled and intrigued to know that Timothy V. Murphy, who played Galan O'Shay on Sons, is also a part of the Bastard Executioner cast.

While there are a number of familiar faces in the mix of the new show, including The Americans and Brothers and Sisters star Matthew Rhys, the central character will be played by Lee Jones. Many fans had a hunch Sutter would go with someone fairly unknown for the lead role and, indeed, he has. Variety describes Jones as an Australian newcomer, and he's done some work in the theater back home prior to this show.

Jones plays Wilkin Brattle, one of King Edward I's knights. Brattle is said to take a step back from his warrior duties when he feels it's all become too much. However, soon he is dragged back into battle again, and it seems the fights will be bloodier and more difficult than ever before.

Based on the character descriptions available so far, these will be unique and intriguing characters that will most definitely draw in the viewers. Though the show is entirely different from Sons of Anarchy in terms of the setting and characters, it sounds as if there are definitely some similar themes that emerge, as well as a likely nod to the work of Shakespeare.

Fans followed along as Sutter and director Paris Barclay, who also worked on SOA, scouted locations in Wales. From the sounds of things, their vision has come together and they're ready to dive into putting it all on film.

Filming of the pilot begins on March 19. While at this time only the pilot has been given the go-ahead by the network, everybody expects that FX ultimately will pick up a full season. That was essentially a given before the first script was even written. Now that the cast has been announced, it seems essentially guaranteed.

When will The Bastard Executioner premiere? FX hasn't set a premiere date, but a fall 2015 spot is expected. It'll be a long wait yet, but Sons of Anarchy fans are used to that and they know the payoff with a Kurt Sutter show is always worth it.

[Photo by Wesley Hitt/Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images]