‘F*** It, I Quit’ Reporter Charlo Greene Gives Out Marijuana In Alaska

Charlo Greene became infamous when she quit her job on live television last fall, dropping the F-bomb in the process. Proudly becoming one of the faces of the pro-legalization marijuana movement in Alaska, the ex-reporter also founded the Alaska Cannabis Club, a medical marijuana dispensary. Now that marijuana is legal in Alaska, Greene celebrated the day by officially opening her cannabis club.

Last September, Charlo Greene resigned from local CBS affiliate KTVA, saying, “F*** it, I quit,” on live television, and then Charlo walked off the set. Video of Green’s impromptu resignation quickly went viral.

Charlo had reportedly quit her job to join efforts to legalize marijuana and told the Guardian how it feels “almost unreal” that the drug is now legal.

“This has been something that so many Alaskans have been fighting for long before I was even born. So the fact that we are here today, and weed is legal, it’s almost unreal.”

Alaska is the third state to have legalized marijuana. As of February 24, also the day Charlo opened her club, small amounts may be purchased and must be used in private as long as the buyer is at least 21-years-old.

Yahoo News reported Peter LoMonaco, who co-founded the Alaska Cannabis Club with Charlo Greene, stated the club is providing cannabis but isn’t buying or selling any at this time. Retailers won’t be granted licenses to buy or sell until 2016 at the earliest, but the Guardian reports Greene is interested in getting a license.

Public use isn’t allowed. Anchorage’s Police Chief, Mark Mew, stated he and his officers will strictly enforce the ban. If someone is caught smoking weed publicly, he or she will be fined $100. So far, there have been no reports of tickets being issued.

On the first day of legal recreational use, Greene decided to give out cannabis for free to the members of her Alaska Cannabis Club located in Anchorage. Greene also reportedly planned a celebratory “toke” at 4:20 p.m. She spoke with Yahoo News about the day.

“This is the beginning of a new era here in Alaska. A time when I don’t have to be arrested because I choose to partake in a substance that everyone knows is safer than alcohol.”

Greene said a woman who came to the club on Tuesday for medical marijuana told Greene she suffers from severe epilepsy and had been addicted to painkillers. The woman then told Greene she doesn’t have to take as many pills now.

“She started crying, I started crying. For me, the purpose of my life is to serve. The fact that I know I’m doing it now… there are now words. It’s so fulfilling.”

Greene told the Guardian she has no regrets about walking away from her job. “This is so much more fulfilling to me,” Charlo said.

What do you think about the way Charlo Greene quit her job? Do you believe her declaration that this is a “new era” for Alaska?

[Image via YouTube]