February 25, 2015
Judge Orders Lindsay Lohan To Complete 125 Hours Of Community Service

Lindsay Lohan is still not finished with her community service. According to E!, Judge Mark Young ordered the troubled star to complete an additional 125 hours of community service during a court hearing in Santa Monica.

According to city prosecutor Terry White, the judge wasn't quick to believe Lohan when she insisted that she completed the full 125 hours of community service. Due to the judge refusing to believe Lohan, Young denied that the 125 hours were completed.

Lohan's original 125 hours of community service was ordered after her 2012 car crash, which happened on the Pacific Coast Highway while driving in Santa Monica.

An additional hearing has been scheduled on March 12 to discuss which particular community service program Lohan will have to sign up for.

Before the judge ruled for additional hours, TMZ reported that Lohan was trying to pass off her London theater debut as community service hours. Lohan was completing her original 125 hours of community service at CSV in London during her free time. The actress decided to log four out of six of her credited hours out of the play. Two hours was a matinee performance and another two came from her evening performance. During these hours, people shadowed her performances.

Additionally, Lohan tried to add a fundraiser she threw for CSV in support of her community service hours, but prosecutor White said that community hours do not include an organization, but rather hours that Lohan spends giving back to the community.

Lohan's lawyer Shawn Holly gave a statement to the Los Angeles Times regarding the judge calling her hours into question. In a statement, the attorney said that the judge "had a problem with some of the work shadowing. They didn't want to hear more about how that played out."

On whether or not Lindsay Lohan is upset about the additional hours, her attorney said that she, "doesn't have a problem. She's enjoying doing community service. Her passion is really working with kids, and kids really respond to her."

Due to the ruling, Lohan will have to extend her community service for another three months.

Do you agree with the judge's ruling or do you think Lindsay should have counted her theater hours towards her community service?

[Photo by Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images]