Kate Hudson’s Biological Father Emerges

Bill Hudson, the father who up until now has lived a life of privacy stepped out of the shadows to say that he’s hurt by his famous daughter calling Kurt Russell “dad”.

Kate Hudson had started calling Kurt Russell dad shortly after her mother actress Goldie Hawn began dating him in 1983. Now Bill Hudson tells RadarOnline his thoughts on something that happened nearly three decades ago.

“At first it was okay when everybody was getting along, but there were certain things I didn’t like. I didn’t like that Goldie wanted the kids to call Kurt ‘pa,'”

Hudson lements on, “It was very confusing to the kids, particularly Kate, and that was really painful.”

In a past interview with Vanity Fair Kate Hudson gave a little insight into what it was like with an absentee father and the relationship she has with Russell stating, Kurt is my dad. Kurt is a savior who came into my life. [Bill] was sort of in and out of our lives. I don’t hate him for it. I guess what I feel is frustration and curiosity — like, what was it about me he didn’t want to know?”

However even though Bill Hudson is thankful for Russell’s influence in his Kate and Oliver Hudson’s lives, he still has a different story of what happened. “Kurt has been there for her and I’m happy for that and I think it’s a good thing. Kurt’s a really good guy. What’s more hurtful is Kate saying publicly that I’ve abandoned her because that’s just not true,” Bill said.

“Even though it was hurtful, I was much happier with that from when Goldie and I first broke up. We split because she had an affair with Yves [Renier] who she met on the set of Private Benjamin and he’d be there with my kids and it was just sort of a thing and didn’t seem like it was something that would last, and I didn’t like that.”

So why is Bill talking all of a sudden? He released a book, of course! The book titled Two Versions: The Other Side of Fame and Family, documents his past with Goldie, his relationship with Kate and Oliver, and what it was like to go through his personal family problems in a public light.

However, he claims the book isn’t a trashy tell-all. “The record needs to be set and it needs to come out. I wanted to show that it was a love story between me and Goldie, enough that we had children together, and it just went awry. And it was Oliver and Kate that suffered in the end.”

Only time will tell!