February 25, 2015
Brooklyn Father Claims He Was Teaching His Son A 'Sex Lesson', Not Molesting Him

A father from Brooklyn has decided to represent himself in court over allegations that he sexually abused his 14 year old son. As a result, the father was able to cross examine his son and force him to endure questions about the sexual abuse, as well as memorable times of his youth. The father attempted to downplay the sexual abuse, claiming it was nothing more than a "sex lesson." The alleged molestation began when the boy was only 8 years old, which was often accompanied by beatings. The father's cross examination was met with dismay from the judge. However, he allowed the questioning to continue.

The father, who has remained unnamed to protect the identity of his son, asked questions that did not pertain to the acts of sexual molestation or physical abuse. Instead, he attempted to conjure positive memories in an attempt to paint himself as a good father. The New York Post reported that many of the questions revolved around giving gifts. The father questioned his son in the third person, making the already uncomfortable cross examination even more awkward.

Some of the gifts he asked about were in regards to whether or not he gave the boy a birthday present in 2009 and 2010, specifically mentioning a leather jacket and Reeboks. The boy replied that he had received the presents, keeping his tone balanced and nearly unemotional. However, the boy's tone changed when the father asked if he loved him. The boy simply answered, "I don't know."

The father replied that he did not understand the answer.

"I don't understand... It's very simple. Do you love your father, yes or no?"
The judge interrupted, starting to become frustrated with the father, replying that, "He answered the question. Move on."

The father decided to ask about the molestation last, careful to ask whether the boy was molested in 2008, rather than leaving the question open ended. The boy, however, replied, "I don't remember the exact dates, I just remember what happened."

The trial is still continuing and the father is facing multiple charges of sexual abuse. He is even being charged for witness tampering, due to abuse that was conducted during scheduled visitation.

The case is a stark contrast to the Florida father, as reported by the New York Daily News, who pummeled his son's molester when he was caught in the act.

The father claims he was simply teaching his son about the "birds and the bees."

"Am I allowed as a father to teach my son about the birds and the bees? Yes. Am I allowed to teach him about sex with a woman? Yes. Teaching, yes. Touching, no. I wouldn't do that. I wouldn't touch my son."
The boy is currently living with his mother.

[Photo by Alan Cowhurst/Getty Images]