Elin Smith-Freitag: 7-Year-Old Girl Calls 911, Saves Her Babysitter’s Life

Elin Smith-Freitag is all of 7-years-old. However, her recent actions not only make her seem way older than she actually is, but has also earned her the title of a hero. Little Elin, a resident of Montclair, New Jersey, is receiving praise from all corners after she showed incredible presence of mind during an emergency.

According to ABC 7 Online, Elin Smith was at her home with her other two siblings and her babysitter when she noticed that the babysitter had suddenly taken ill. She initially saw her writhing in pain, and sitting on a sofa after which she lost consciousness and fell to the floor and lay there motionless. Sensing trouble, Elin immediately picked up the phone and called 911.

The call was attended by dispatcher Chris Lynch, who immediately gauged the seriousness of the issue. A dispatcher taking calls for the past two years, Chris immediately figured out that Elin showed extreme maturity in the way she handled the emergency.

“I could tell she was young and screaming had to calm her down but she was clear and, I told her she was brave.”

In the call, Elin is heard saying as follows.

“My mom’s not home and my babysitter is really sick. She can’t talk to us and she’s crawling all over the place and drooling. I don’t think she can even hear us.”

To which Chris replied as follows.

“Listen, listen. Listen to me. You got to calm down, I can’t understand you. They’re already on the way, I’m just staying on the phone until they get there. They’re already on the way.”

“Alright, thanks,” Smith-Freitag responds.

Later, in an interview with ABC 7, Chris said that he suspected the babysitter was diabetic and that she lost consciousness owing to low blood sugar levels. He was also all praise for Elin who, according to him, handled the call with the maturity even some adults lack. She replied to every question asked, stayed on the line, and most importantly, gave out the exact address where she was located so emergency responders could reach the exact location without wasting much time.

Meanwhile, after emergency personnel arrived, it was found that the babysitter was indeed suffering from low blood-sugar levels. According to North Jersey, the babysitter was diagnosed with low glucose levels — a condition if left untreated can cause death. The babysitter has since then recovered and is back to work and she has no one but a 7-year-old Elin Smith-Freitag to thank!

Elin, in the meantime, has earned lot of respect from her classmates and received a certificate from her school recognizing her deed. Her mother, Amy Freitag, is also proud of her little one.

This is not the first time the Inquisitr has reported about brave children calling up 911 and saving lives. Earlier this year, we had reported about a 4-year-old girl who called up 911 and saved her pregnant mother’s life.

[Images Via North Jersey/ ABC 7]