'Walking Dead' Spoilers: Daryl In Peril In Extended Finale, Is Norman Reedus Leaving?

New spoilers for The Walking Dead reveal an extended season finale, and fan favorite Daryl Dixon will get himself in deep trouble during a run for supplies, according to Entertainment Weekly. Could Norman Reedus be leaving the show, and can The Walking Dead survive if they kill off his character, Daryl Dixon?

Norman Reedus has a lot of projects in the works, including the film Sky with Diane Kruger and Lena Dunham, which he's currently filming since this season of The Walking Dead has wrapped shooting. He's also confirmed for another installment of his cult classic, Boondock Saints.

Reedus also has some other creative projects taking up his time when he's not on the set of The Walking Dead. He's a photographer and has released a photography book, Like a Big Bald Head, and now is getting into directing music videos. He recently directed a video for Los Angeles garage band The Bots, meeting them in the desert near Barstow while he was filming there.

The video hasn't been released yet, but you can see some behind the scenes footage in the video clip.

So with so much going on for Norman Reedus, could he be ready to leave The Walking Dead, meaning could Daryl Dixon be about to die? Walking Dead fans have been notoriously rabid about the prospect, claiming they will "riot" if they kill off the character. But some people aren't so gung-ho on seeing Reedus stick around, given some of the comments on the EW site. When one fan reiterated the "if Daryl dies we riot" claim, "Danielle" felt very differently.

"Honestly I hope he does. I am tried of all the damn hype about him and in the comics they all get killed off anyway sooner or later... That is what makes this show what it is. Surprises and the pain of losing the characters in some fantastic way! Thought I read that he will be leaving to start filming Boondock Saints again anyway!"
While Rick's group of Walking Dead survivors seems to have found peace so far in the community of Alexandria, EW also references some danger lurking outside the gates. Astute fans on Undead Walking noted two episodes ago that there was some ominous graffiti outside Noah's home, saying "Wolves Not Far."

The community had fallen when the outer wall had been smashed down and overrun with walkers, but it appears something far more violent and sinister occurred before the walkers arrived, as the outer perimeter held a huge dump of hacked body parts, and a vehicle was full of limbless walker torsos with a "W" carved in their foreheads.

It sounds like Daryl may run up against these "Wolves" on his run. Not that those on The Walking Dead haven't faced threats before, but consider this -- after Rick's "we are the walking dead" speech, it was Daryl who spoke up and said, "We ain't them." And if fans know anything about The Walking Dead, any character who seems to serve as a sort of moral compass or someone clinging to hope tends to fare very poorly: Just ask Herschel (Scott Wilson), Beth (Emily Kinney), and Tyreese (Chad Coleman).

Do you think The Walking Dead might kill off Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and if they do, will the show survive? Or are you ready to see him exit to make room for more new Walking Dead characters? Sound off below.

[Photo by Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC]