February 25, 2015
'The Amazing Race' 2015 Spoilers: Have The Finalists Been Revealed Already?

Season 26 of The Amazing Race premieres on Wednesday night, and fans can't wait to get started with another adventure. The show will move back to its regular Friday night spot after the premiere, but things kick off on February 25 along with the Survivor premiere. What Amazing Race spoilers are available regarding the teams to watch this season?

The prevalence of social media and the determination of Amazing Race spoiler fans have made it tough to keep some of the details under wraps as the new seasons film these days. Fans around the world have picked up on the telltale signs of new seasons filming, and multiple spoiler forums often piece together the tidbits. Big spoilers were revealed for Season 25 that aired last year, and now it seems that perhaps the final teams for Season 26 been uncovered this season as well.

According to the Survivor Sucks forum, Amazing Race spoilers reveal that the final leg will start out with four teams. They will head to Dallas, but one of the four teams will be eliminated somewhere along the way. It appears that the task just before the final battle will take place in Peru.

Which four teams are said to get this far? Amazing Race spoilers from Survivor Sucks seem to indicate that the last four teams standing will include Blair Townsend and Hayley Keel, Jelani Roy and Jenny Wu, Rochelle Nevedal and Mike Dombrowski, along with Tyler Adams and Laura Pierson.

Spoiler fans from the Reality Fan Forum seem to come up with the same final four teams, so these results seem to be pretty solid. Many New Kids on the Block fans were thrilled to hear that Jonathan Knight and his boyfriend, Harley Rodriguez, were competing this season. However, it doesn't sound as if they make it too far into Season 26 before being eliminated.

While the basic set-up of this season is similar to what's been done since the beginning, with eliminations and travel around the world for the pairs, there are a couple of significant differences. As CBS teases, all 11 teams racing in Season 26 are dating couples, and five of them are meeting for the first time as they begin the show.

Traditionally, the show has been made up of pairs with an existing relationship, ranging from dating or married couples to family members, co-workers, friends, or other existing connections. If the Amazing Race Season 26 spoilers are right, three of the final four teams will be blind date couples, a pretty amazing feat most would say.

Which of those four teams gets eliminated just before the finish line and which one wins Season 26? So far, those Amazing Race spoilers seem to be under wraps at this point. Tune in to the season premiere on Wednesday, February 25, and then check out the rest of the season as it airs on Friday nights.

[Image via Hitfix]