Baby Laughing Like Troll Viral: Laughing Baby Becomes Internet Sensation, Takes Over Social Media [Video]

The Russian baby laughing like a troll is becoming the latest Internet sensation! On Monday, Feb. 23, a video of the baby was uploaded to YouTube and it definitely didn’t take long for the video to catch the attention of social media users. Now, the video of the laughing baby has more than one million views.

The short clip, which is actually less than a minute long, appears to be a compilation of several laughing moments the baby has had. However, the distinctive laugh is the same each and every time. The baby’s laugh is a cross between Peewee Herman and a leprechaun! Although it’s quite comical, some have even found it a bit creepy, reports But, one thing is for sure – his laugh is definitely contagious. Shortly after the clip begins, you’ll probably find yourself laughing too.

The video is now circulating on several social media networks and forum sites. It’s also a big hit on Reddit. Many Redditors have taken time to comment on the laughing baby and surprisingly, many viewers have agreed that his laugh reminds them of a baby version of Danny DeVito! Some viewers even insisted the baby resembles Robin Williams.

Here’s what viewers are saying:

“Aaaaah godd–n, I haven’t seen that in years and I’m in tears all over again. That is the most infectiously funny video I have ever seen.”

“Isn’t that Danny DeVito?”

“Indeed, my first thought was that this is what baby Danny DeVito must have sounded like.”

“Robin Williams reincarnated.”

“If you didn’t at least laugh or crack a smile at this, your soul may cease to exist.”

What do you think about the baby laughing like a troll? Cool or creepy? Share your thoughts!

[Image via YouTube]