February 25, 2015
Nurse Who Murdered Her 11-Month-Old Son With Boyfriend Claimed Her Dog Did It

A woman who allegedly murdered her 11-month-old son, with the help of her boyfriend, has been charged with his murder. Amazingly, she claimed that her dog had killed the infant.

The child, Oliver Sargent, collapsed at his home in Telford, UK, and was rushed to hospital. His father is Paul Thomas, and the accused woman, Ashlea Thomas, works as a nursery nurse.

After Oliver arrived at the hospital, it was not breathing and a scan revealed a fracture to the left rear side of his head, as well as bleeding on the right side of his brain.

The fact that the infant also had other injuries, such as fractures to his ribs and his collarbone, led doctors to involve the police because they were suspicious that the boy had been physically abused.

Oliver died from his head injuries just a few days after arriving at the Birmingham Children's Hospital in July 2012.

When the police caught up with the dead child's mother, she claimed that his injuries had been from the family dog and had nothing to do with her or her boyfriend.

The fact that Ashlea asked her mother outside the hospital, "how long do you think I am going to get," it was clear that she had some serious explaining to do.

As prosecutor Andrew Smith announced to the court, "Paul Thomas said he had not really got a clue about how Oliver had got any of his injuries other than to suggest an incident involving the family dog."

Nevertheless, experts concluded that the child had suffered from, "deliberately inflicted injuries immediately before his collapse and the calling of the emergency services. The prosecution contends that there was a recent skull, brain and eye injury with no credible explanation other than deliberately inflicted injury."

Paul Thomas and Ashlea Thomas have denied murder as well as denying they harmed the child in any way; the case continues.