February 25, 2015
ROH News: CM Punk Hinting At Potential Match With Samoa Joe In Ring Of Honor?

Former TNA star Samoa Joe recently left the organization, which got a lot of people talking. Clearly Samoa Joe is talented and people such as Triple H have noted this in the past. Due to current WWE Superstars and legends citing his greatness, many believed that Joe had an opportunity to come to WWE down the line. However, for now he has decided to make his way back to where he first became a star, Ring of Honor. Another man by the name of CM Punk was also there during Joe's time.

Both CM Punk and Samoa Joe would wrestle each other often in ROH and put on some of the best matches in the history of the company. Independent wrestling changed massively when ROH brought in the amazing talent they have. Both TNA and WWE have raided ROH for years to grab top talent. People such as Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins came from there as well as former TNA star AJ Styles.

AJ Styles went back to Ring of Honor when he left TNA and wrestled a bit with them, as well as NJPW where he wrestles quite often now. Since leaving WWE, CM Punk made his way to UFC where he plans to fight for real. Many are heavily behind the idea, while MMA purists think it's a terrible thought. Regardless, Punk has claimed in the past that he has no desire to return to the squared circle....but one person could leave that open.

Samoa Joe has been a friend of CM Punk's for years now. It goes back to the ROH days. Whenever asked who he'd want to face if he could face anyone, he usually picked Samoa Joe as his answer. Now, that concept could become reality.

CM Punk sort of gave us a hint on Twitter recently when he responded to this tweet from Samoa Joe.

"Just a disclaimer the ride this year is going to be a wild & unpredictable one. You have been warned"
Punk RAW

CM Punk said in return...

"@SamoaJoe I owe you one, PAL."
What he owes him is unknown, but many believe he means a match. While it is speculated that we won't see this match right away, it could happen down the line. Most believe that CM Punk needs to get a fight or two under his belt before he ever even considers another wrestling match. Despite wrestling's scripted nature, you really do hurt your body out there and the risk of injury is still present. Some of the greatest have gone down with freak injuries in their career, so no one is immune from it.

Once Punk left WWE, many thought he'd never even consider a wrestling comeback. However, many think he'd do it for the right price and the right opponent. If there is one man that CM Punk would return at least one time to face, it would be Samoe Joe. If there is one organization he'd wrestle for one more time, many speculate it would be Ring of Honor itself.

While we cannot expect this dream match to happen yet again, the fact that both men are able to make it happen at one point or another makes us wonder. Samoa Joe may be in ROH or working Indys for a while and CM Punk may be just fine in the MMA world for the rest of his active years. However, one more match with both men would be something special that would be fun to see.

[IMG Credits: Pinterest, Prowrestling]