February 25, 2015
'RHOBH' Blog: Brandi Glanville Slams Lisa Rinna For 'Intruding, Casting Strong Labels, Making Insanely Irresponsible Assumptions'

In her RHOBH blog, Brandi Glanville spoke of the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and slammed Lisa Rinna for making a spectacle out of the struggling Kim Richards.

As fans have seen, Richards has had an emotional season, as her ex-husband, Monty Brinson, was diagnosed with cancer. Then, after she admitted to taking pain medication weeks ago, the cast has been worried about a possible relapse, and taken to their RHOBH blog to express their concern.

Richards' co-stars have also spoken of their worries on the show.

On February 25, Glanville wrote the following in her RHOBH blog:

"On the dramatic side, someone poked the wrong bear. We saw Kim slowly learning that someone has had one-on-one talks about her private life with everyone on RHOBH--everyone, that is, but Kim herself. To me, announcing you're 'a nice person' isn't that same as actually being a nice person."
Although Glanville didn't name names in her RHOBH blog, the person she was referring to appears to be Lisa Rinna, who has spoke with many members of the show about her concerns for Richards.

On last night's episode, Rinna finally spoke with Richards directly during a plane ride, which also included Richards' sister, Kyle. Unfortunately, it didn't go over well.

In her RHOBH blog, Glanville continued to criticize Rinna for her behavior.

"One new member of our little group is hell-bent on intruding, casting strong labels, making insanely irresponsible assumptions and stating them as facts, all over the place: on RHOBH, the Internet, to the media, and on Bravo's WWHL. Calmly butting into a stranger's life with such a strong agenda and absolutely zero knowledge of any details of that life after only a few scattered social functions is a whole new level of crossing boundaries."
Glanville went on to claim Rinna acted innocent during her chat with Richards, and said she should have never exposed her husband's addiction issues on the show. During the episode, Rinna revealed Harry Hamlin was three years sober when speaking to Kim and Kyle in a limo.

Hamlin had never revealed the news himself, but it doesn't appear he was too upset with his wife doing it for him.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Glanville is allegedly on the verge of being fired because of her scandalous ways on the show. While Glanville didn't address the report in her RHOBH blog, a source told Us Weekly that Andy Cohen was fed up with her drama-starting ways.

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