Mystery Drones Fly Over Paris For The Second Night In A Row, Fears Mount

As the Inquisitr recently reported, mysterious drones have been spotted flying over parts of France and have once again been sighted an additional night specifically hovering over Paris.

The latest sightings have been reported around Invalides military museum and other well-known landmarks, but the mystery as to who is operating them remains that-a mystery.

As BBC News has reported, There were a total of five sightings by both officials and members of the public between the hours of 10 p.m. on Tuesday and 1 a.m. (GMT) on Wednesday. BBC noted that there were “[u]p to three drones seen near the Invalides military museum, Place de la Concorde and two [near] the old city gates.”

The previous night, several drones were spotted flying near the Eiffel Tower, above the U.S. Embassy and in the vicinity of Place de la Concorde.

The sightings have been particularly alarming to French authorities after the recent attacks involving the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, and BBC News also relays that “[f]lying over Paris at night is illegal and low flights need authorisation.”

In addition, flights during the day over Paris are restricted and “are banned during the day below 6,000m (19,700ft).” The Telegraph communicates that this rule was indeed broken by the spotted drones seeing as operators flew the devices at heights of only 100 and 300 meters.

Drones are reportedly inexpensive, and can be purchased and operated easily in the nation of France, yet the increase of sightings is perplexing to French officials especially in regards to the locations the flying mechanisms are being spotted and filmed.

The Telegraph sets certain fears at ease yet hones in on growing concerns in Paris after the horrific events which recently transpired.

“All the drones spotted were described as standard, small models of pilotless aircraft available commercially, which police say are too light to cause significant damage if crashed into a building, even a nuclear power plant. But the sightings have raised public fears that terrorists could find a way to attach explosives or toxic chemicals to the drones.”

At this point it is unclear as to who is controlling the most recent drones that have been spotted and authorities have yet to determine whether there is in fact a “malicious intent” behind the use of the drones.

A police official who has been attempting to plot the course and determine the operators of the instruments relayed the inconclusive findings thus far to Le Parisien newspaper.

“It could be a coordinated action but we cannot say that for certain at the moment.”

Although the main concern is connected to the recent massacre that transpired in France and security breaches, there are also additional concerns in regards to the potential of damage to property and the possibility of pedestrians being injured by the drones.

[Feature image via News Discovery]