February 25, 2015
'Breaking Bad' In Brooklyn? Drug Lab Found Inside Maraschino Cherry Factory, Owner Kills Himself During Raid

A Breaking Bad-style drug lab was reportedly found inside the Dell's Maraschino Cherries factory. The millionaire owner killed himself just minutes after a police raid unearthed the drug growing equipment.

Arthur Mondella, 57, reportedly walked into his private bathroom and shot himself in the head after the police arrived and the Maraschino cherry factory in Brooklyn. New York police officers found a "Breaking Bad-style" lab inside and an entire fleet of "luxury cars" inside Mondella's facility.

The Brooklyn law enforcement officers were reportedly investigating "environmental offenses" at Dell's Maraschino Cherries factory and stated in their report that the smell of marijuana was "coming from the walls." Police officers, armed with a warrant, went inside the Dell's Maraschino Cherries plant in an effort to prove the facilities were being used as a drug lab or a grow lab.

Approximately 80 pounds of marijuana were found at Arthur Mondella's cherry factory, according to police reports. When the Brooklyn first arrived at the factory, the owner reportedly spent five hours cooperating with the inspection and investigation. The family business had been in operation for generations and had recently been accused of dumping hazardous waste into waterways and the sewage system – in addition to being a suspected marijuana growing lab, according to the Daily Mail.

Brooklyn police reportedly found some "suspicious" shelving inside a storage unit with a door behind it – and then discovered a false wall and caught a whiff of marijuana. The investigators then found a dugout basement with three bags of pot inside.

Generators and an expensive security system complete with motion detectors, dozens of cameras, and barbed wire were also found inside Dell's Maraschino Cherries factory, according to the New York Post.

According to the NY Post, generators were found inside the factory along with a high-tech security outfit of dozens of cameras, barbed wire and motion-detector lights. Once the marijuana growing operation equipment and the drugs were discovered, Arthur Mondella reportedly turned to his sister, Joanne Capece, and said, "take care of my kids." He then excused himself to go to the restroom and shot himself in the head.

The New York police officers and others assembled inside the cherry factory reportedly heard a single gunshot and then found Mondella in the bathroom inside his office. He died shortly later after being transported to a local hospital. A.357 magnum was reportedly used in the suicide.

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