Tweetdeck and 12seconds team up once more

For the last six months Tweetdeck and 12seconds have been working together supporting each others efforts which enabled Tweetdeck to view 12seconds created video messages directly from Tweetdeck. Luckily enough I was able to play with an early test release late last night of the version that will be available today that now lets you record 12seconds video right from Tweetdeck itself.

Besides being a natural evolution for Tweetdeck this is a big gain for 12second users. As well 12seconds is in the process of updating the functionality of their API so that any third party developer will be able to create recording functionality for 12seconds video accounts. Developers will be able to request a key from 12seconds to gain access to the API which they will be opening up over the next two week.

By the look of the Tweetdeck site they haven’t updated with the new version information yet so keep checking back and keep those webcams warmed up.