February 25, 2015
Chris Harrison Wants Crazy Ashley S. To Be On ‘Bachelors In Paradise’

Bachelor host Chris Harrison gets to see some of the hilarious contestants on the show, and he knows what makes great television. Harrison has admitted that he had no idea that Ashley Salter, also known as Ashley S. on the show, would be so entertaining and wacky. During Harrison's recent interview with Chris Soules, he defended himself saying that her audition tape filmed in her hometown of New York was rather standard.

Even though Ashley S. didn't capture Chris Soules' heart, it sounds like she did impress Chris Harrison. During the Women Tell All special, Ashley may have done something to capture Chris' entertaining heart, because she was unofficially asked to appear on this summer's Bachelors in Paradise.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, Bachelor host Chris Harrison clearly believes that Ashley S. could provide for some great television.

"One of my favorites was with Ashley S.," Chris Harrison has revealed.

"Honestly, it's like she's in on the joke, but not completely. She did explain the Mesa Verde thing, but then doesn't completely explain the Mesa Verde thing. I told her, 'I don't know if I'm allowed to do this, but I'm extending an invitation to you right now to be on [Bachelor in Paradise].'"
Of course, the invitation has been unofficially extended and it is very possible that she won't actually appear on the show. Chris probably just thought it could be hilarious to watch her on a different kind of television show. As for Ashley, she doesn't seem too eager to head back to reality television.

For one, she thought that Chris Harrison and the producers were betting on who would be Chris Soules' final pick while filming in the California Bachelor mansion. Second, she had some interesting scenes on the show, which might have been too humiliating for her after watching it back. Harrison may ask her about those during the Women Tell All episode.

Asking Ashley S. to film Bachelors in Paradise could end up being a big mistake for Harrison, because she got such an odd portrayal on the show. Clearly, it would be a stunt to get more ratings, rather than a genuine move to help her find love. And speaking of decision-making, Chris Soules chose Becca over Kaitlyn during Monday's episode, which stunned many viewers. And decision-making has been a huge part of this season, as Britt Wilsson made the decision to share her honest thoughts about Arlington, which eventually gave her the boot, according to the Inquisitr.

What do you think about Chris Harrison's decision to put Ashley on Bachelors in Paradise?

[Image via ABC]