New Kevin Hart Movies Will Make Your Jealousy Rise, 'What Now' Tour Almost Sold Out

Kevin Hart's movies are known to be hilariously funny. There's no doubt about that at all, and many people around the world line up for his tours and concert tickets. Where does Kevin find the time to do so much? Can you really be jealous as his skyrocketed-fame? Hart definitely works for it.

Recently, Kevin was in a movie called The Wedding Ringer with Kaley Cuoco, as well as Top Five with Chris Rock. Both of these movies did very well in theaters, yes. However, Hart has just made an announcement, via his Instagram account, stating that he's about to start another film production of one of his widely-acclaimed standup tours.

[caption id="attachment_1873758" align="aligncenter" width="670"]New Kevin Hart Movies - About To Start The 'What Now' Standup Tour Credits: Kevin Hart | TD GardenKevin Hart's What Now tickets are almost completely sold out already. The only tickets available are for Sunday, the last day of the tour.[/caption]

This information hasn't even been recorded on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) yet.

[caption id="attachment_1873605" align="aligncenter" width="670"]New Kevin Hart Movies To Start In 2016 Credits: Kevin Hart | InstagramOn Instagram, Kevin Hart makes an announcement about his new, upcoming film project. It's called What Now.[/caption]

In the update, Kevin mentions the movie opportunity as follows.

"This is a mind blowing moment for me people....I will be filming my next special "What Now" in Philadelphia at the "Lincoln Financial Stadium"....I will be the 1st comedian to perform in a FOOTBALL STADIUM....this s**t is UNREAL. I worked so hard for this moment....God is amazing!!!! PHILADELPHIA we are about to make history on August 30th....if you don't have your tickets I suggest you get them now! S**T IS ABOUT TO GET REAL #HustleHart#ComedicRockstarS**t #PhillyUntiliDie#WhatNowTour"
Totally amazing, the only day that's still available is Sunday. The rest of Kevin's tour tickets are sold out for the Friday and Saturday performances.

Notable to mention, Hart's What Now tour is amid all the other upcoming movie productions set for 2016 and 2017. Likewise, Kevin just finished a film with Will Ferrell called Get Hard.

[caption id="attachment_1873659" align="aligncenter" width="670"]New Kevin Hart Movies - Just Finished Filming 'Get Hard' With Will Ferrell Credits: Patti Perret | Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.This is a scene from the movie Get Hard, set to release in March 2015.[/caption]

Its storyline is just as the name may imply. James King, played by Ferrell, is a wealthy businessman who gets caught for fraud. Knowing that he's going to prison, he looks to Darnell Lewis, played by Kevin Hart, for survival guidance.

Well, maybe the name implies "get tough," but what attention would that pull, right?

Honestly, can you really be jealous of Hart? As he mentioned on Instagram, he works hard for his fame. Accordingly, it's evident as IMDb notes that Kevin has three movies to release in 2016 — Ride Along 2, The Secret of Pets (voiceover) and Central Intelligence — as well as one to release in 2017, Captain Underpants. Of course, who hasn't called someone "Captain Underpants" once in his or her life?

With so much success under his belt, and much more to come, why be jealous of Kevin? If it were just "handed" to him, that would be another story. However, it's apparent that Hart's putting in the time to make his dreams reality.

Actually, it's almost necessary to take a lesson from Kevin's work ethic. If you're striving for something in life, you have to work for it. Unless you win the lottery or come into some vast inheritance, you have to put in some type of action to get results. And even then, you either had to buy the ticket or your predecessors did the labor needed to acquire the wealth in the inheritance.

So, take action today. Be like Kevin Hart, movie after movie, film after film. Let your drive be relentless in obtaining your goals.

What are your thoughts about Kevin and his productions? Can you still be jealous? Who knows. Maybe he'll make a cameo one day with Ben Affleck in one of DC Comics' films. Hey, some comedians can play serious roles well. Look at Steve Carell's latest, Oscar-nominated role. It's a possibility, right?

[Feature Image via Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]