February 25, 2015
'Batman: Arkham Knight' Trailer Says Hi To All The Villains

The news came down yesterday that Batman: Arkham Knight received an "M for Mature" rating from the ESRB. Rocksteady Studios released a new trailer Wednesday that introduces the rogues' gallery of villains behind the reason the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC game received that rating.

The trailer sets up the plot that Gotham has been evacuated following a threat by the Scarecrow to release a deadly toxin in the city. The only ones that remain are looters and thugs, the police, a menagerie of supervillains, and of course, Batman.

This final chapter in the Batman: Arkham series is all about supervillains teaming up to bring the Dark Knight down once and for all. Scarecrow doesn't just want to see him killed though; he wants to see his legacy and legend ruined.

In addition to Scarecrow, we already know that the Penguin, Two Face, Harley Quinn, and the Riddler will all join the newly created villain, Arkham Knight. This trailer shows a couple of others joining in on the fun, too. Batman has an extended conversation with Poison Ivy in the trailer, who reveals the setup behind the mayhem going on in the city. We also catch a glimpse of Firefly, who was last seen in Batman: Arkham Origins. Whether this is all of them remains to be seen. Rocksteady's last effort, Arkham City was loaded with many villains who weren't revealed until just before or after the game was released.

The big mystery with the villains is the relationship between Arkham Knight and the Scarecrow. The former is obviously working for the latter based on this trailer and the Ace Chemicals videos that were previously released. The identity of the Arkham Knight is one mystery that fans are anxiously trying to solve.

What we know for certain is that Arkham Knight is an all new character created specifically for the game. It's rare for Warner Bros. and DC Comics to allow a major villain to be created outside of the comics. Harley Quinn is the only other notable exception with her first appearance in Batman: The Animated Series during the 1990s.

This is perhaps the scariest version of the Scarecrow, however. He made brief but significant appearance in Batman: Arkham Asylum when he put Batman though a hallucinogen-induced nightmare. It was one of the darker and more creative sequences in the game.

That appears to be the direction that Rocksteady is going with Batman: Arkham Knight and why it earned an "M" rating. Game Director Sefton Hill told IGN that key scenes were the reason behind the rating, after all previous games in the Arkham series were rated "T for Teen."

Batman: Arkham Knight is currently scheduled for a June 2 release on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

[Images via Batman: Arkham Knight]