Kathryn Ronk: Beautiful Brunette Teacher Who Liked To Have Sex With Her Students Between Classes Pleads Guilty

Kathryn Ronk, the former high school Spanish teacher at a Catholic school in Michigan, has pleaded guilty to having sex with an underage student. Kathryn Irene Ronk’s case was in the news in 2014, after she was arrested for having sex with a 15-year old boy. Police say the teacher was so hot for the young boy that she had sex with him between classes and after school, according WXYZ.

The then-29-year old teacher taught freshman and sophomore Spanish at Bishop Foley High in Madison Heights. Records show that the sexual relationship between the teacher and student began in January of 2014, and lasted until May of that same year. May is the month that his parents found out about the secret relationship. They immediately contacted the school and the police.

Ronk was promptly fired and was originally booked on one count of possession of sexual material and first-degree criminal sexual conduct. Today, she pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of 3rd-degree criminal sexual conduct. Had prosecutors kept the first-degree charge, Ronk would have faced a possibility of life in prison if convicted.

A detailed look into the disturbing case reveals a teacher who lived a double life. At school, she was the professional teacher who cared a lot about her students. In reality, the school setting provided Ronk with the opportunity to prey upon male students to fulfill her sexual fantasies.

As the Huffington Post noted, a look at her Facebook page was very telling — painting the dark-haired teacher as a party girl who always had a bottle or a can of booze in her hand. In some of the photos, she was seen making obscene gestures.

Some are appalled by the constant news stories about female teachers who are obsessed with having sex with teenage boys. Others say that the Internet and social media are making it seem as though this type of behavior is new, when in reality, this has always happened. A lack of media attention to those cases made them seem few and far between.

Many take issue with the fact that many male community members don’t considered it a bad thing when a young pretty teacher is involved with a student, but react differently when it is a male teacher.

“Why is it called rape only when a man does it.”

Whatever the case, it is a disturbing trend that should make parents more cautious and leery about their children’s teachers.

[Photo Credit: YouTube]