Tiffany Cole, Emilia Carr: Florida Female Killers On Death Row To Be Featured On ABC 20/20

Tiffany Cole and Emilia Carr, two female death row inmates at Lowell Correctional Institution, will tell their side of the story in an interview with Diane Sawyer during an upcoming episode of 20/20 on Friday at 9 p.m. central. A brief look at the upcoming episode shows the face of two callous killers without an ounce of remorse as they state that they were quickly and unfairly sentenced to death row because they are not rich kids.

Tiffany Cole and Emilia Carr have a lot in common, they are both in their 30's, they both say they are innocent and were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, and they are both convicted of heinous murders that left the victims' families and their communities in shambles.

Tiffany Cole's case gained national attention in 2005, after she was arrested for the murder of an elderly couple that she had befriended. Carol and Reggie Sumner had been neighbors of Tiffany Cole. They knew Cole and felt comfortable with her. The couple sold her a vehicle and had discussed their finances with her. Little did they know, the sale of that vehicle was the entry that Cole needed to get back into the couple's home to rob and kill them. Court records show that Tiffany and three male friends arrived at the Sumner's home and asked the couple if they could use their telephone.

Instead, they bound and gagged them with duck tape and drove them to Georgia, where a makeshift grave was prepared. That's when prosecutors say the elderly couple was pushed into the grave and covered over with dirt while they were still alive. An autopsy report confirmed that both victims inhaled dirt as they hugged each other until they died. When police were led to the bodies, the couple was found with their arms wrapped tightly around each other. Tiffany Cole and the other defendants were all found guilty of murder.

Just as disturbing, the Emilia Carr case made headlines in 2009, after the body of Heather Strong was found dead in a shallow grave in McIntosh, Florida. In that case, Emily Lily Carr, aka Emilia Yera, killed rival Heather Strong so she could be with the man they both shared, a man named Joshua Fulgham who was involved in a sexual relationship with Carr and expecting a child with her.

Heather Strong had been reported missing the four weeks prior to the discovery of her body. Prosecutors allege that Emilia Carr was jealous that Joshua Fulgham had chosen to marry Heather Strong, and she wanted her to pay with her life. The day she went missing, Emilia Carr lured Heather Strong to a trailer directly behind the home of Joshua Fulgham's parents. That's when police say they put their plan in motion to get rid of her by putting a plastic bag over her head and suffocating her as she was bound to a computer chair. Emilia Carr was arrested and found guilty of murder.

In both of these gruesome cases a jury sentenced Emilia Carr and Tiffany Cole to death. In Diane Sawyer's segment with the two killers, she will hear their side of the story and examine what life is like for the two women on death row.

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