February 25, 2015
Welcome To The World's First Known Retirement Home For Old Cats

A retirement home for old cats? That's a first, but in point of fact, such an establishment does exist, in the form of the Lincolnshire Trust for Cats, in England, a charity which claims to run the world's first retirement home for felines.

The Lincolnshire Trust for Cats asks cat owners on its website,

"Would you want your lifelong friend to be put in a pen for the rest of its life, with no hope of a home because of its age? We all tend to think we live forever but we need to remember that our pets deserve our consideration and may well outlive us."
To that end, if you think your cat will outlive you, you can always send it to the cats retirement home secure in the knowledge it will be looked after there for the duration of its life.

The fact the home is set on seven stunning acres of British countryside is just a bonus, as well as the three centrally-heated sitting rooms provided.

Obviously, its not cheap to put your cat in the home, with a one-time fee, payable up front of around $1300. Then again, the charity offers to bear all future costs related to the cat's welfare, as trust founder Jain Hills told the BBC,

"I know of some charities that have a few elderly cats, but they are not doing it on the scale we are. For cats to come to us people have either got to make a provision in their will, or people come to look round. I don't think anywhere else does it because people come all the way from London with the cats to come here."
At the moment the trust has 80 cats living in the home; some cats are living there due to the passing of their owners, and others whose owners have moved abroad or simply been abandoned.

As Hills added, regarding the living quarters for the felines, There's three sitting rooms and they are connected by enclosed outdoor areas. It's all south-facing which means the cats have a lot of sunbathing options."