February 25, 2015
Will ISIS Invade Europe Through Italy With Suicide Bombers?

With the terrorists of ISIS finding themselves in control of vast areas of Libya, some Europeans are fearing the worst, especially following the latest ISIS video which claims suicide bombers are ready to infiltrate the continent with suicide bombers.

The new Islamic State video, released by Asharq al-Awsat, features the two perpetrators of a suicide attack on the Corinthia Hotel in January, claiming that the new ISIS presence in Libya was the group's gateway to Europe.

In the January attack, the two men featured in the video died but only after taking 10 people with them, including an American and two French citizens.

The men in the video, identified as foreign fighters "Abu Ibrahim" from Tunisia and "Abu Salman" from Sudan, call for Libyans to "rise up" and fight the Libyan government.

Despite the fact that the Islamic State has predominantly been active in Iraq and Syria, other factions have taken over in other Middle-Eastern/African countries such as Libya.

ISIS made its debut in Libya with a bang by brutally beheading 21 Egyptian Christians, simply for being Christian. This action showed that the group is serious in its ethnic cleansing intentions in Libya.

The more worrying issue for Europeans at the moment, especially the Italians, is that ISIS could easily infiltrate Europe via Italy.

It is already well known that Libya is used as a smuggling route, due to its location, for the trafficking of illegal immigrants into Europe, with Italy not being able to handle the alleged asylum seekers who show up on her borders daily.

ISIS has already shown what it is capable of when it comes to taking over land and occupying it. The group is also very serious when it comes to its open intentions to infiltrate and invade the West and in its quest to fly the black flag of ISIS over Buckingham Palace and The White House.